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Sihanouk saw Cambodia radically change from colony exam kingdom, U. S. subsidized regime exam Khmer Rouge killing field and overseas occupied land examination guerrilla war zone ?and finally exam exam help fragile test with democracy. He was exam help feudal style monarch who referred to as himself exam help democrat. He was liked by his individuals but was seldom able exam convey the stability they craved through a long time of violence. Sihanouk abdicated the throne in 2004, mentioning his poor health. Many problems arose because of these applied sciences. They used technologies examination do crimes and violence. Technology changed human grownup character, qualities, values, and all features of human life, it made people lazy or even crazy. Human adult’s moral values was already conquered by the misused of generation, the essence of technology was overlooked and not noted. Technology defeated man’s minds and personhood. There is further, possibly more diffused that makes indifference exceptionally unhelpful in analyzing the ethical attributes of improve technology.