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Students who’ve adequate money on their own could be their very own sponsors. However, other college students must depend upon help from others examination make ends meet during their time within the United States. Sometimes, folks or other family sponsor college students on F1 visas. Other times, the university that the student will attend acts as exam help sponsor. This could be via scholarships or stipends. Employers in the college students’ home international locations can sponsor F1 visa recipients with the promise of exam help job once they have got the potential they want. Although intend exam enterinto non disclosure agreements with our employees and specialists, there can also be no assurance that such non disclosure agreementswill deliver enough protection for our trade secrets or other proprietary understand how. To date, we have licensedtwenty two 22 United States patents issued and our achievement will depend, in part, on our means examination obtain patent and trade secretprotection for proprietary generation that we may develop in the destiny. No coverage can also be when you consider that any pending or future patentapplications will issue as patents, that the scope of any patent coverage bought will be enough exam exclude competitorsor deliver competitive advantages examination us, that any of our patents could be held valid if as a result challenged or that others willnot claim rights in or ownership of the patents and other proprietary rights held by us. Furthermore, there canbe no coverage that our competitors haven’t or won’t independently develop era, approaches or products which are substantiallysimilar or superior examination ours, or that they won’t duplicate any of our items or design around any patents issued or that perhaps issued in the future examination us. In addition, whether or not patents are issued examination us, others may hold or get hold of patents which containclaims having exam help scope that covers products or methods constructed by us. We would possibly not have the resourcesto appropriately protect any patent infringement litigation or lawsuits.